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Maintenance Spanking

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Intermediate Spanko
Username: Katie_spades

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Posted on Friday, September 22, 2006 - 08:24 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post View Post/Check IP    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Maintenance discipline can sometimes feel unnecessary. In fact, even the sound of it is rather odd, somewhat like tuning up a car, and the ironic thing is that it is almost quite like that, except in my opinion, a woman is much better than a car. Some can’t understand the need to punish when there has been no fault, yet I hope the subsequent paragraphs will illuminate the situation at hand, or at the very least help someone.

See, a car needs to be checked up on and tuned up regardless of its having problems or not, just to make sure that it keeps running right, and I view “Maintenance discipline” the same way of sorts, in that it keeps the spankee in check and he or she knows that whether there aren’t any infractions, he/she could be disciplined at any time, which I can certainly attest, keeps me on my toes. We have found this to be highly effective in maintaining behavior and attitude, hence the name “maintenance,” I suppose.

Notwithstanding, I graduated at the top of my class, still practice ballet, work-out, am applying to post-bac programs to then apply to either Medical or Dental school, am recording an album, I model (spanking and non-spanking related,) and take care of my little angel Sophie, our 3 year old kitten. And although Jake helps me with the household chores, I usually have to give it a once over as he is not OCD like me, which makes means I clean a lot better! Oh, and I also do the laundry. I don’t know that I’d have the discipline to do all of the aforementioned things, or perhaps not nearly as well were it not for Jake’s guidance.

Maintenance Discipline is separate from any punishment I may have merited and it certainly does not take the place of it, although a vast majority of the time I wish it would. It is very ritualistic and should I have done something to earn a spanking on the night of Maintenance Discipline, it will just be added to the session. This has only happened on rare exceptions but after a 30 minute Maintenance Discipline session, to have to receive punishment after that is extremely difficult and leaves me unable to compose myself for quite some time. I usually just crawl into the fetal position and sob for what seems like hours while Jake holds me. Unfortunately if there is punishment after the maintenance session, then the usual rules apply and I have to wait for the lotion and the ice which seems, no rather is an eternity.

Some practice Maintenance Discipline everyday. Personally, I consider this a bit excessive because then where do the punishments come in when they are absolutely necessary, notwithstanding the fact that the bottom cannot ever heal if it is truly spanked to a degree per diem. Others practice it once per week, while Jake and I practice Maintenance Discipline every two weeks. We have talked about doing it once a week and when we first began our relationship, it was once per week, but now as I have gotten much better and don’t repeat the same transgressions over and over, it is every two, which is very lucky for me.

I think it is important for it to be every week or every other week to keep up the ritual and the point that the spanker can spank when he/she feels necessary even if it is just for my own good, as a lesson can always be learned. However, were this ritual not to be kept, the spankee could feel that he/she is getting away with a lot and therefore try to push the limits to she just how far he/she can get. This does nothing but get the spankee a very sore bottom. I know because I have tried it and it just gets me a long trip over Jake’s lap, complete with tears and a long usage of the hairbrush. Thus, knowing I have Maintenance Discipline every two weeks helps me to keep myself in check and try not to get too out of line because then not only will I be punished for my transgression, but I shall also have to face my maintenance session, which is not quite as harsh as punishment but it is certainly not akin to a cakewalk. Actually in our household Maintenance Discipline hurts a lot and although it is not only the same level of true discipline, Jake usually brings be to tears and the session is about 30 minutes. Jake brings it to a very high level and hurts greatly but again not as hard as a discipline session because he wants me to be able to decipher the difference. Notwithstanding, this is why for these types of sessions, the hairbrush is always used.

I know that a lot find it odd to discipline when there seems to be no such need for it, yet the need for it here is that the spankee needs to understand that it is not discipline, it is a mere reminder for him/her to stay on their toes and realize that they must keep their outlook and manners in check and this is quite a fine way of doing so, not to mention there are many can attest to this, myself included.

Yet, I feel that Maintenance Discipline is important to our relationship and can be for others as well. The thing to consider her is that I realize that Jake doesn’t enjoy spanking me hard for discipline nor for maintenance sessions, but he does it because he cares enough to do it, and that fact alone is very important. He does it so that our relationship will stay firm and in practicing this, we have brought our relationship much closer together. Although I hate when he spanks me, I love him for doing it because I know he detests it almost as much as I do, but he knows it’s a necessity and does it for the strength of our relationship.

Depending on how hard the spanking is, the ache from it can dissipate quickly… well sometimes, but not always. In fact, I have been throbbing for hours from a discipline spanking, but even with those hours of pain, I still eventually repeated the same indiscretion, which earned me an even harsher spanking which only led to more hours of a throbbing bottom. The point that I’m trying to make here is that one can easily forget the spanking once the pain disappears, yet if Maintenance Discipline is practiced the memory of the pain may fade, but the memory of the fact that they know they can and will be spanked at any time sticks with them; it does this as the spankee knows that good or bad, every night, week, every other week, or however often the couple practices Maintenance Discipline, the spanking will be given, and perhaps the pain from the last one was forgotten easily, however this one might not fade so fast. The aforementioned quote is something that Jake reminds me of during each spanking whether it is punishment or maintenance. It’s usually something like, “You clearly didn’t remember what your bottom felt like after your last spanking or we wouldn’t be in this position now would we?” I hate this because it is so rhetorical and I feel like such an idiot because I’m usually over his lap or bent over the ottoman, now thinking about my last spanking and how bad it was, and now thinking about the imminent words I’m about to hear. He then says something along the lines of, “Since you so clearly forget, it must not have been too memorable, so perhaps we should make this one not only memorable but really stick?” Again, is this a rhetorical question? Yet, there I am in the same position before he gave his second classic before-a-spanking-statement, knowing that my bottom is about to be blistered.

Eventually, and as of recent, these words have really began to stick with me and I have been much better for fear of having my bottom spanked even more. To know that every two weeks regardless I am spanked is frightful enough, and I have added to that way too much, so I’m trying to take a hiatus on bratting, although I’m not quite sure that this will work. I mean, I have been sick recently so really what could I do? Oh wait, then again, I did get myself spanked yesterday and had to write about it, so I guess that didn’t work. Okay, I’m going to try really hard to be a good girl, yet I am disgressingand will get back to the topic at hand : Maintenance Discipline.

Some practice Maintenance Discipline to provide a clean slate for the spankee so that the relationship can move on and be in good harmony, and I must admit, this used to be the case for Jake and me. In the past, I tried to hide things from him, but no matter what he has always found out, even if it was me who opened my big mouth and told him. However, now I keep a log on my computer, an infraction diary, if you will, and when he isn’t around, I tally each offense to the list, and he reads it. Once I am thoroughly punished for the offense, I can erase it from the document. I hated doing this at first but now I don’t mind so much because I am always honest, even though I know it is going to earn me a spanking. Yet on the other hand, should Jake be here when I commit my misdeed, then I’m order to fetch an implement and just get spanked right there; I guess the upside of that is that I don’t have to write it in my infraction log. Then again, I have to write about it in detail on my blog so I’m not quite sure which is worse.

Also one thing that I have noticed, along with some others is that I am a crier. This is not only true with spankings but with other things as well, such as movies. Whenever I am watching a relatively sad movie, or even ‘7th Heaven,’ I always keep a box of Kleenex® next to me because sometimes I cry and I just can’t stop. And forget about Shakespeare, he kills me. I mean ‘Cymbaline’ and ‘Titus Andronichus,’ made me lose my wits. But what I’m getting at is the strange thing is that this feels good to me and I’ve heard a good cry is good from a lot of women. At the same time, even though the spanking hurts and the tears evolve from the pain, after the spanking is done I continue to cry until I let it all out, and it’s the same emotional release I get from crying during a poignant movie, and ironically, I feel a lot better psychologically even if my bottom doesn’t. Others have told me this as well, so I’d estimate it is a well supported fact.

Another reason why Maintenance Discipline is so important at least to me is that sometimes I feel the need to be punished even if I didn’t do anything bad but had nasty thoughts about someone and later regretted it. In this case no one was harmed and Jake would be none the wiser but my conscience feels so awful and thus knowing my Maintenance Discipline will clear this is somewhat of a good feeling… well, perhaps not on my bottom, but in that I know I will be disciplined for thinking such things and feel as though the slate has been wiped clean.

Now that I have elucidated my thoughts on Maintenance Discipline, I will clarify the way Maintenance Discipline is achieved in our house which is fairly the same fashion in which Jake would carry out a punishment, in that every two weeks he will alert me what time it is and tell me to get the hairbrush. The brush is the one difference vs. true discipline in that Jake always uses the brush for maintenance, which adds to the ritual of the session. He will then scold me a bit and make me understand why this is necessary and then he will place me over his knee, and pull my pants and panties down to my knees. He will spank hard and fast, both on the thighs and the bum, and will do this rapidly and then stop. He will give me slight breaks now and then and will begin again. This will continue until the maintenance is over, by which point, I am a streaming mess of tears, with a bottom hot enough that you could feel the warmth from it by raising your hand above it.

After the Maintenance, he will hold me just as he would after any other punishment and let me know that all is fine now, but question to make sure that I agreed with his actions and had the same opinion that it was necessary. He’ll dry my tears and immediately give me lotion and ice as it was not a punishment spanking, but rather a Maintenance Spanking, and the lotion feels so fantastic afterwards, especially considering that the brush is one of my most-hated implements. It seems so mild but once it begins to hit your bottom, my thoughts regarding its supposed “mildness” change their tune fairly fast.

In closing, it’s quite lucid why Maintenance Discipline is an important part to a domestic discipline relationship. It can help with attitude and behavior, it can introduce keeping logs or diaries, it can keep the spankee’s place in check by knowing that bad or good, they are subject to a spanking when their Maintenance Spanking is scheduled, and lastly, it can bring a couple closer together.

My Spanking and Discipline Blog!
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Junior Spanko
Username: Katie_6667

Post Number: 33
Registered: 08-2006
Posted on Saturday, September 23, 2006 - 09:38 am:   Edit Post Delete Post View Post/Check IP    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

What a well thought out essay. You have certainly presented the case for mainteneance spanking very well.

In my case, i would not need them LOL, cuase if i lived with someone like your Jake, i would rarely if ever get into trouble. When i am with someone, i am such a goodie two shoes it is untrue, i am completely brat free.

I lived with a guy for 6 years in a D/s type relationship and only got punished very rarely.

Even though i find punishment the most exciting type of spanking, i am just too conditioned to behave that i would never earn it.

is that weird????

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Intermediate Spanko
Username: Katie_spades

Post Number: 326
Registered: 01-2006
Posted on Saturday, September 23, 2006 - 09:03 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post View Post/Check IP    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Not at all man! That is not wierd at all! Thanks for the comments and sharing your thoughts and feelings!
My Spanking and Discipline Blog!

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